Swimming Pool Filtration System

Axiom India a company devoted to Water Treatment in India, offers the latest in Pool & Spa technology. We offer a large variety of Pools & Spas including In ground Pools, Semi ground Pools, Concrete & Liner Pools, Portable & In ground Spas, Pool Filtration Systems, Dosing Systems & Accessories.

Today, we not only deal in complete range of swimming pools & Swimming Pool Filters but also take up turnkey jobs of swimming pools, Jacuzzi / spas right from conceptualising to installation. Our Technically qualified Engineers and Architects look after the projects; maintain high standards during manufacturing, construction and installation, guaranteeing clients a success in their ventures.

Our structures vary according to the type of soil on which the pool is built. We offer pools in any shape, size or depth, thanks to the Surflo systems we offer, the most innovative technology in the industry.